What Our Customers Say

“I’m a contractor and I put it everywhere in my home where there was tile. It keeps the floor warm so there is no ice on your toes first thing in the morning.”

Joe Contractor

The Premier Steps

  1. First, you will meet with a Premier representative to discuss your vision for your house.
  2. Then you’ll sit down with our Certified Designer to go through your house plans and to answer any questions you may have about radiant heating.
  3. Our Certified Designer will then draft an initial quote, giving you an idea of the cost and scope of the project.
  4. If needed we will recommend one of our trusted installers for your home installation.
  5. Our Certified Designer will create a completely customized technical design for your home.
  6. We will work with local inspectors to ensure that your design meets all codes and receives its certified stamp of approval.
  7. We will then hand the design and products over to you or your installer.
  8. Throughout the process, Premier will be ready to provide any ongoing support you may need.