“Premier Radiant Solutions was always available to answer questions”

“We went from electric heating to radiant and now we’ll be saving $1000 per month in the winter. The investment was definitely worth it.”

“In-floor heating is incredibly comfortable and reliable.”

“We are so relieved to have a reliable and economical heat source.”

“It is really nice getting up in the morning, standing by your vanity and not having cold feet”

“It’s amazing. Because the floors retain the heat, when you open your door to go outside you don’t lose the heat.”

“I’m a contractor and I put it everywhere in my home where there was tile. It keeps the floor warm so there is no ice on your toes first thing in the morning.”

Premier Radiant Solutions is the trusted supplier of radiant heating products. We understand the technical aspects of radiant systems, which means you can enjoy its natural advantages.