Q. How much does Premier’s Radiant Heating Solutions cost?

A. Because Premier only provides completely customized radiant heating systems, we always suggest setting up a meeting with our Certified Designer to go over plans and costs. We would love to give you an estimate right now, but since no two designs are alike it is impossible!  Everything depends on how customized and fine-tuned you want your system, so contact us today and we can go over your options.

Q. What about air conditioning?

A. In today’s modern houses, air flow throughout the home is an important requirement.  We utilize non-traditional forced air systems that still utilize your hot water energy source.   These systems also allow us to easily introduce air conditioning, air purification, and humidification into your home.

Q. What types of flooring work with radiant heating?

A. All of them! The beauty of radiant heating is that it works with any flooring material. Whether it’s cement in your garage, tiles in your bathroom, or carpet in your den, radiant heating can heat your space.

Q. Is radiant heating only for new homes?

A. Not at all. You can incorporate radiant heating into your current or planned home renovations. It makes a lovely upgrade to any house.

Q. Why Premier Radiant Solutions?

A. Premier provides truly customized heating solutions for your home. We believe in working with you to design a heating system that fits your budget and your home, not relying on cookie cutter systems that may not be the best option for you.  If you can dream it, we will design it and make it work.

We believe in working with you and your contractor before, during and after the installation.  Providing support to you is an important part of Premier’s values.  So we will always be available to assist and answer your questions as they arise.