Smart & Efficient

Radiant heating reduces heating bill by 20-40% because you can set your thermostat to a lower setting. And by targeting uniform and consistent heating into specific zones, you can heat just the rooms you sue. Smart heating gives you more for each dollar spent.

Peace of Mind

Today’s components are outlasting traditional forced-air systems and are virtually maintenance free. One less thing to worry about and one more thing to enjoy.

Healthy & Clean

With less dust, allergens and pollutants blower around your home – and the option to integrate an air purification system – radiant heating allows you to keep your space clean and healthy.

Comfortable & Unobtrusive

Radiant heat is quiet and uniform throughout the room. You will be able to heat your whole space, not just the ceiling and the top of your head. It’s a real way to eliminate the need for layers of clothing in those cold winter months.

Creative heat

Use Radiant Heating to heat your bathroom towels, warm your ceramic floors, and even melt the snow on your driveway. If you can think of a way to use it, Premier will help you design it.

Design Versatility

Even with the integration of air circulation options in your design, our ducts are smaller and our covers come in a variety of beautiful designs. You can also have multiple placements options for these ducts so you will enjoy cleaner lines throughout your house and flexibility in your architectural choices.